XLT Stock Trading Course 2009

The XLT Stock Trading course builds upon the teachings of the Pro Trader Course and equips you with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage risk when trading in the US Stock markets. This comprehensive course incorporates real-world trading scenarios, making use of the powerful information and theories presented in the Pro-Trader Course. XLT-Stock Trading offers a unique blend of interactive skill-building sessions and practical application sessions in a live market environment, providing you with a competitive edge needed for success in the fast-paced Stock trading arena. You will learn to build a rules-based strategy using objective market information, enabling you to unemotionally identify trading opportunities and execute trades with precision. The course covers various trading styles including day, swing, and position trading, and you will observe and interact with expert traders/instructors as they use the trading tools taught in the course to identify, execute and manage trading opportunities. The XLT-Stock Trading course offers ongoing education, an essential step in becoming a successful self-directed stock trader.

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