WBTrading Price Reversion Session Momentum & Higher-Timeframe Bias-Bar Strategies

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The Price Reversion and Session Momentum strategies that I use are based on recurring price sequences and structures that present a single setup at the beginning of each market session. I discovered these setups by closely analyzing charts on a daily basis and observing certain price points that attracted or repelled price movements. After extensive testing, I was able to develop statistics and rules around these occurrences, which led to the creation of my strategies. Specifically, the Price Reversion strategy involves mean-reversion around one specific price point, while the Session Momentum strategy captures short-term directional moves based on one specific momentum-play. Additionally, I have a Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar strategy that is a rule-based setup applied to all markets and timeframes. I identify the bias-bar on a D1 timeframe and then place an order on an H1 timeframe using my rules. I trade these strategies during the evenings by scanning currency pairs and placing orders, taking no more than five minutes to do so before walking away and removing all emotions and discretion.

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