TopTradeTools TOP Ultimate Breakout

Introducing an easy-to-use super indicator for both new and professional traders – the TOP Ultimate Breakout strategy! This advanced hedge fund caliber breakout trading technology is designed to trade a variety of asset classes including Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, ETFs, and CFDs, making it applicable for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Trend Trading.

Based on an actual Hedge Fund breakout strategy that managed millions of dollars in real money, the TOP Ultimate Breakout strategy is modeled after the predecessor that helped win the Hedge Fund Star Search honors. It could possibly be one of the most powerful breakout strategies available in the market today!

Our Hedge Fund researched numerous trading strategies to develop the most effective ones for managing our multi-million dollar portfolio. We selected a core set of back-tested trading strategies, and the Breakout Trading System was one of them. Our core strategies enabled us to earn the Top New (CTA) Hedge Fund Manager Class with Futures Magazine, where our hedge fund was featured as one of four top hedge fund managers for the year out of over 30 international hedge fund managers.

We aimed to develop the most robust trading strategies that could trade various asset classes and handle challenging market environments. We discovered that an optimized breakout strategy could be highly effective in trading markets experiencing good directional volatility or trending characteristics.

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