Rule Based Price Action Trader Divergent

Trade with Confidence using Rule-Based Trading! Trading based on gut feelings and emotions can be challenging as there is too much subjectivity involved. Many traders fail because they try to trade based on discretionary methods, which lead to self-sabotage. However, a rule-based and methodical approach to trading can change everything overnight. The Rule-Based Trading (RBT) […]

Price Reversion Session Momentum & HigherTimeframe Bias Bar Strategies WB Trading

The course “Price Reversion, Session Momentum Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar Strategies” by WB Trading provides explicit instructions and illustrated trading charts and examples on each topic mentioned in the title. The course focuses on data-driven analysis to gain insights into market trends and price actions, making it unnecessary for traders to rely on emotions to develop […]

Price Action Room Tape Reading Explained

As I sat down to create a shopping cart for a tape reading course, I wondered how I could truly help traders advance their skills and succeed in the long run. After careful consideration, I concluded that an aspiring trader would need the following items: The Jigsaw Time & Sales algorithm, which was introduced in […]

Price Action Prophet

I created a video that includes bullet points and notes from the sessions with the instructor every 15 minutes. This video helps me understand the instructor’s method of analysis, which is one of the most powerful strategies for predicting price action in any tradeable asset, including stocks, futures, ETFs, forex, and crypto. In short, the […]

Piranha Profits Alson Chew Price Action Manipulation Course Level 1 and Level 2

2021 9:15 hours of training MP4, 1920×1080 Former proprietary trader Alson Chew has developed a unique trading course, which is the only one of its kind in the world. The course teaches retail traders how to decode market manipulation by market makers and turn it into profit. The PAM™ strategy has been proven to generate […]

Phantom Trading FX 2021 Version

It suppose to be 35gb of data, but 2gb are missing. It might be folder or two max. Now its down to 33gb. Please note that. On our new member platform, we offer a comprehensive course and methodology (over 200 lessons) that will help you master the strategy, known as Phantom. Additionally, we provide weekly […]

Paul Scolardi SuperTrades Bootcamp

Paul Scolardi is an experienced stock trader, financial educator, and self-made millionaire who has been in the industry for 17 years. He is popularly known as the “Superman of Stocks” on Twitter due to his exceptional ability to identify momentum before it shows up on other radars. He is the CEO of Super Trades LLC […]

Order Flow Mastery Course

You can quickly become an order flow trader without waiting years to work your way up the ranks of a bank or other company. By enrolling in the Order Flow Mastery Course, you can make the transformation this year and leapfrog over others. The course provides you with access to all the solutions to your […]

Nq Full Order Flow Course Scott Pulcini Trader

Scott Pulcini Trader’s NQ Full Order Flow Course is a comprehensive online program that lasts for three hours, designed to teach you how to read order flow trading and recognize patterns. The main objective of this course is to develop strategies based on insights into the trading market, which can be achieved through reading order […]