SMB DNA of Successful Trading

What does The DNA of Successful Trading entail? At its core, our goal with this training is to mentor and develop skilled traders. SMB’s founders recognize the importance of a structured mentoring program that prioritizes skill development, rather than simply offering technical setups, which alone are insufficient for consistently profitable trading. Our program outlines the […]

SMB Foundation Training Program

Enroll in SMBtraining’s trading course, the SMB Foundation Program, and learn to profit in any market and location. Many traders have grown tired of making small gains only to have their trading accounts repeatedly impacted by unpredictable market conditions. It’s frustrating to continually feel anxious and unsure about predicting future market movements. Fortunately, SMBtraining has […]

SMB Jeff Augen Weekly Short Butterfly

SMB has gained recognition for effectively teaching new and semi-experienced traders how to profitably trade equities. Founded by two experienced and active traders with over 25 years of combined trading experience, SMB has used various trading styles to become well-rounded, self-directed, and consistently profitable traders. Recognizing that the market had become increasingly difficult to navigate […]

SMB Reading the Tape

SMB Training’s Reading the Tape program is the perfect solution to enhance your trading abilities by acquiring the essential skill of tape reading. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trader, this course can help you become an outstanding trader. By studying the bids, offers, and prints, Reading the Tape equips traders with the ability […]

SMB The Winning Trader

This top-tier training program is designed to lead you through a step-by-step process that will unveil 10 distinct professional trading strategies. These strategies have the potential to help you establish yourself as a consistently profitable trader, and even earn a spot on our trading desk. Throughout the program, you will gain access to live mentoring […]

SMB Training Super Simple Spreads Course John Locke

Learn the 100% systematic approach to incorporate high probability options spreads that offer a high likelihood of success without posing excessive risk with Super Simple Spreads. John Locke guides you on: The inadequacy of conventional “high probability” options trades and why they may not be as beneficial as they appear. Accurately assessing the odds in […]

The Bearish Butterfly Strategy Four Part Video Series SMB

John Locke, an experienced options trader and mentor renowned for creating unique and sophisticated options strategies, presents the Bearish Butterfly Strategy Course. This course teaches a strategy that is effective in sell-offs, channeling markets, and most rally situations, making it a valuable core monthly trade for intermediate or advanced options traders. The course consists of […]

Rock System Videos 5 parts SMB Training

John Locke, a renowned options trader and mentor, introduces the Rock Options Trading System, a key component of his approach to options trading. This advanced strategy is tailored to adapt to various market conditions by customizing the trade entry structure. At SMB, we provide training programs grounded in the principles of elite performance, emphasizing foundational […]