Backspace Trading Price Action Trading Course

Backspace Trading offers India’s first animated stock market training course that includes 12+ hours of in-depth explanations for both novice and experienced traders. You will learn the ins and outs of price action, as well as highly advanced and extreme trend and candlestick analysis to train your eyes and brain. The course includes an exclusive […]

B.O.S.S. Pack Trick Trades

This is an advertisement for a day trading options strategy called B.O.S.S. The advertisement claims that the strategy is the easiest and most consistent way to day trade options and pull massive profits every day before lunchtime, no matter what type of market we’re in. The strategy is so simple that even someone who has […]

Apteros Trading NADRO Merritt Black

What can you expect to learn? Discover how to generate consistent earnings through Order Flow Trading Understand the key reasons why most traders fail in the market Acquire effective techniques and strategies for maximizing profits in Options Trading and Order Flow Trading Gain skills in using statistics to enhance your trading performance With Merritt Black […]

Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Trading Intensive

Gain valuable insights and improve your trading skills through live screen sharing and audio with Merritt Black, providing step-by-step commentary to help you develop effective trading routines and daily practices to gain a competitive edge in the markets. The Apteros Trading Fall ’21 Intensive, offered by Apteros Trading, is a comprehensive trading course that covers […]

Andrew Keene Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course

Every Friday, weekly options provide traders and investors with expiration opportunities. The Ichimoku cloud is a valuable technical indicator that considers the past, present, and future, and it is widely available for free on trading platforms. If you are not familiar with the Ichimoku cloud, here are the basics: Ichimoku means “at first glance.” At […]

Andrew Cardwell Basic RSI Course

The Basic RSI Course is an extensive guide that comprises of a 125 page manual and 13 audio CDs (11 hours) providing detailed insights on Range Rules, Divergences, Positive/Negative Reversals, Reward/Risk, Probability, Money Management and Psychology. While RSI Explained is an introductory course that gives you a taste of the cake, The Basic RSI Course […]

Actionable Options Program T3 Live

Would you prefer to learn how to trade options from a Facebook “guru” flaunting a rented Lamborghini or a professional trader who earns a living trading options? Daniel Darrow, a professional proprietary trader since 2006, is offering his battle-tested options trading methodology through the “Actionable Options Program.” The program emphasizes taking action from a professional’s […]

Larry Connors ETF and Leveraged ETF Trading Summit

Larry Connors, a seasoned veteran in the financial markets industry for over 30 years, has had his views featured in prominent publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, and more. His firm, Connors Research, has provided top-quality, data-driven research on trading for hedge funds, individual investors, proprietary trading firms, and bank trading […]

Volume Profiling with Strategy Development Axiafutures

Three Modules – The Apprenticeship The Proficiency The Specialist Upon completing this module, you will gain the ability to: Understand why volume profiling is a preferred trading tool among professional traders Differentiate between objective and subjective market analysis Develop a personalized trading edge by following a step-by-step process Identify participants in multiple markets across various […]

Al Brooks Price Action Trading Course

121 videos, 59 hours 00 minute The Brooks Trading Course provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and trading price charts. The Price Action Fundamentals section delves into the basics of chart reading and the factors that drive market movements. Since the fair price is constantly changing due to numerous variables, some of which are unknown […]