Professional Options Trading Masterclass POTM Online Video Series ITPM

17:59 hours of training MP4 1368×768 The POTM Video Series is an advanced educational program that offers professional-grade training to retail traders worldwide. It is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the options trading market, and to enable retail traders to adopt the same approach used by professional traders at hedge funds and investment […]

Anton Kreil Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series 2.0

The PTM Video Series 2.0 is the follow-up to the original PTM 1.0 Video Series introduced in 2013, which was discontinued in March 2021. The program has undergone updates and improvements, resulting in a significant increase in course content. This comprehensive trading program, PTM 2.0, is the flagship Educational Program offered by ITPM, providing retail […]

Anton Kreil IPLT Introduction to Professional Level Trading

The IPLT Videos Series was introduced in October 2021 and serves as an excellent primer on how Professional Traders employ Long/Short Portfolio Management techniques to leverage U.S. Stock Market Volatility. This course is ideal for Retail Traders worldwide who aspire to adopt a more Professional Approach and achieve consistent profitability in their trading accounts. The […]