XSPY Trader Live Online Masterclass

You may have heard of people losing thousands in the stock markets and wondered why trading disasters are so common. The reason is that many traders are unaware of market manipulation and fail to trade with market makers. XSPY TRADER aims to address this problem by providing a unique “vantage point” that enables traders to […]

XLT Stock Trading Course 2009

The XLT Stock Trading course builds upon the teachings of the Pro Trader Course and equips you with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage risk when trading in the US Stock markets. This comprehensive course incorporates real-world trading scenarios, making use of the powerful information and theories presented in the Pro-Trader Course. XLT-Stock Trading […]

Wysetrade Trading Masterclass XVII BUNDLE

Upon completion of the program, even those who have never traded before can quickly identify these setups. The course consists of four main sections: Trading Foundation, Advanced Price Action, Swing Trading Strategy, and Day Trading Strategies. Trading Foundation covers all the basics of trading, from start to finish, to provide a solid understanding of the […]

Wyckoff Trading Course Wyckoff Analytics by Roman Bogomazov

Each module of the Wyckoff Trading Course includes three to five weekly 2-hour sessions and provides participants with PDF copies of the course materials. The course covers the following four modules: Wyckoff Structural Price Analysis: This module teaches you how to identify and analyze the key trading ranges that power trends, such as accumulation, distribution, […]

Wyckoff Point & Figure Charting

Richard Wyckoff, a well-known trader and instructor, based his investment decisions on the analysis of market structure, supply and demand, and comparative strength. In addition to these components, he also employed a unique method of using Point-and-Figure (P&F) charts to identify realistic price targets and improve the timing of entries and exits. This technique is […]

We Trade Waves Course

32 GB If you’re a trader serious about learning how to trade correctly and becoming successful, then you’ve come to the right place. While there are many theories out there that might work for some traders, consistency is key to making money in this business. We don’t criticize any trading systems, but some can be […]

WBTrading Price Reversion Session Momentum & Higher-Timeframe Bias-Bar Strategies

Missing 3 folders.   The Price Reversion and Session Momentum strategies that I use are based on recurring price sequences and structures that present a single setup at the beginning of each market session. I discovered these setups by closely analyzing charts on a daily basis and observing certain price points that attracted or repelled […]

War Room Technicals Package Vol 1-4 TrickTrades

The War Room Technicals series, consisting of four volumes, offers traders the opportunity to delve deep into common issues faced in trading and gain insights from Pat’s 1 on 1 mentoring sessions. In each volume, Pat provides detailed explanations, using screen share to demonstrate his solutions to the anxieties and mental blocks that traders encounter. […]

VWAP Trading course Trade With Trend

The main focus of the content on this platform will be on intraday trading and short-term trading in various financial instruments such as stocks, futures, ETFs, and options. Additionally, topics on risk management, stock market psychology, technical analysis, and stock analysis will also be covered.

TWP Price Action Trade Win Profit

Learn to Trade Profitably and Stop Losing Money! This Program is Only for Committed Traders. If You’re Not Serious About Making Money, This is NOT for You. In this video course, you’ll discover: My daily profitable trading techniques (You can’t miss this!) My secret levels that I use for trading How to grow a small […]

Trend Following Stocks A Complete Trading

Learn a comprehensive trend following trading system to invest in the best trending stocks. What you will gain: A complete set of rules and system code for the trend following trading strategy. Comprehensive analysis of the system’s in-sample and out-of-sample results. Education on trend following theory, performance, and fundamentals. Reinforced learning through closed captions subtitles. […]

Trading to Win Bookmap Masterclass

Contrarian thinking and action can be effective in any market since human behavior is universal. Most individuals tend to follow the crowd instead of leading it. In the stock market, they wait to purchase stocks until they see others buying and hold off selling until others begin to sell. This results in them buying stocks […]